Editorial Team

The primary role of a journal editor is to promote scholarship in the field associated with the journal while also establishing the journal as the premier publication platform. For any journal, the editor must encourage both new and established authors to submit articles and establish a reliable panel of expert reviewers. Editors are responsible for providing feedback to reviewers when necessary and ensuring that any feedback to authors is constructive. The key responsibilities of an editor at the Annals of Mathematics and Computer Science include: i) striving to be a leader in the specific field of practice that underpins the journal's content, ii) familiarizing themselves with the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE), and iii) assisting in making decisions about which articles to accept or reject for publication.


Firuz Kamalov
Canadian University Dubai, UAE (Editor-in-Chief)
Interests: functional analysis, machine learning, applied mathematics

Ho Hon Leung
UAE University, UAE
Interests: combinatorics, geometry, topology

Fadi Thabtah
Manukau Institute of Technology, New Zealand
Interests: machine learning, data mining

Ahmed Al-Rawashdeh
UAE University, UAE
Interests: functional analysis, fixed point theory

Ashraf Elnagar
University of Sharjah, UAE
Interests: robotics, machine learning, data science

Aswani Kumar Cherukuri
Vellore Institute of Technology, India
Interests: information security, blockchain, machine learning, quantum computing

Adel Ben Mnaouer
Prince Sultan University, UAE
Interests: internet of things, VANET, edge computing, blcokchain

Hana Sulieman
American University of Sharjah, UAE
Interests: nonlinear regression, applied statistics, machine learning

Silvaraj R.
National Institute of Technology-Jalandhar, India
Interests: PDEs, nanofluids, heat transfer, applied mathematics

Murodbek Safaraliev
Ural Federal University, Russia
Interests: machine learning, modeling

Linda Smail
Zayed University, UAE
Interests: Bayesian statistics

Vishnu Narayan Mishra
Indira Gandhi National Tribal University, India 
Interests: Approximation, nonlinear analysis

Pavel Matrenin
Novosibirsk State Technical University, Russia
Interests: artificial intelligence, optimization methods, time series analysis

Ismoil Odinaev
Ural Federal University, Russia
Interest: protection and automation systems, renewable energy, statistical data analysis

Pavel Gubin
Ural Federal University, Russia
Interests: optimization, metaheuristics

M. Seenivasan
Annamalai University, India
Interests: Stochastic processes, graph theory